­Selling The Business – A Kabbalistic Process

Everything which manifests in the physical world goes through the same processes in order to arrive at that point. These processes are described by the ten Sefirot of the Tree of Life and although they will appear in different forms appropriate to the project they will still be part of the process of creation, formation and manifestation.


The sequence in which we experience these qualities is shown by what is known as the Lightning Flash of Creation as it proceed through the world of Formation into the physical world of Assiyah.

At the Keter of Yetzirah, first point, there is a correspondence with the highest world of Azilut (the Malkut of Azilut) where everything is held in potential and with the heavenly world of Beriah (the Tiferet of Beriah where there is the essence of the thing to be created. This is known as the place where the three higher worlds meet.


This essence filters through the crown (Keter) of Yezirah and is the first point of the lighntning flash. It proceeds first to the active column and to Hokhmah where the idea for the project may arise of an instant. The flash proceeds across tht eTree to Binah at the head of the passive column where the implications of the idea are understood. Once the implications of the idea have been digested the project may be abandoned for one reason or another but, if the decision is made to proceed then the flash crosses the abyss of Da’at and finds itself once more on the active column. This time it is at the Sefirah of Hesed where the project is expanded and developed.


Not all of these ideas will be practical or desirable and so the unworkable elements are reoved when the flash crosses to Gevurah which refines and removes.


After this stage has been completed the lightning flash reaches Tiferet where the essence of the thing to be created can be clearly seen.

The Lightning Flash of Creation on the Tree of Life

The Tiferet of Yetzirah corresponds to the Keter of Assiyah and also to the Malkut of Beriah. This is Heaven on earth – the place where the three lower worlds meet. The beauty of heaven is ready to manifest on earth.


When the lightning flash appears at Netzach – which directly connected to Malkut - the process of initiating the physical manifestation begins. However, this lower level of the active pillar must be balanced by the lightning flash going to Hod at the bottom of the passive pillar where adjustments are made – and adjustments are always made.


Each place on the central column represents an interval – at Da’at there is a pause to consider whether or not to go ahead, at Tiferet there is a recognition that the essence of the project is known and at Yesod there is a pause for a final inspection and to ensure that whatever is being created is wearing the appropriate clothing for its final long awaited arrival in the physical world of Assiyah when the lightning flash hits the earth.


Having this model in mind can be extremely useful in working our way through a project. If we know that each stage must be experienced then we can allow that to happen rather than trying to bypass it through impatience or aversion to its nature. As an example I’ll set out the actual process of selling a business which occurred some years ago.

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