Making Kabbalistic Diagrams


The process of building your own diagram which embodies the principles of Kabbalah is a practical approach to Kabbalah in itself.

Many insights may be gained through the construction process and the finished article will provide an invaluable object of contemplation when hung on the wall.

Step by step instructions are provided for full size diagrams but smaller versions can also be created - the care which is needed in those can make them much harder than you might think!

Click on the image of the model you want to create for the full instructions.

Kabbalah - Principles

Background and Basic Principles of Kabbalah

This is a good place to start if you are new to Kabbalah or to the Toledano School as well as being a refresher for any readers who are more familiar with the Tradition of Kabbalah. Classical Kabbalah, as transmitted through the Toledano School,  is described in terms of the diagrams of the Tree of Life and the Jacob's Ladder. These are the basic tools which are used to gain an understanding of the process and purpose of Creation. A brief history of the Kabbalistic tradition is also provided. 

Kabbalah and The Modern World

A Medical Career

The progress of a doctor from student to master (or mistress) can be seen as an ascent of the Tree of Life with its various stages identified by the Sefirot and triads of the diagram. Using this as a roadmap over a forty year career period can help gain a perspective of the stage the doctor has reached. The principles can be readily adapted for other careers.

Kabbalah and Manchester United

Everything in the universe - including football clubs - are a reflection of the Divine. Viewed from this perspective, watching United v. Barca takes on an entirely different dimension!

Kabbalah and Judaism

A Kabbalistic Seder 

The Seder Service, celebrated as part of the Jewish tradition all over the world, is held at the start of the festival of Passover in March or April. The objects used in the ritual and the construction of the service itself give it a much deeper significance than is generally realised and allows participants to (re)connect with each part of themselves.

The She'ma - A Kabbalistic Prayer

The first paragraph of the She'ma - recited morning and evening - consists of six verses from the book of Deuteronomy. Within these six verses the whole universe is evoked, allowing the person reciting it to align themselves more closely with the Creator. 

The Road to Sinai

The first seven weeks of the 40 years which the Children of Israel spent wandering in the Sinai Desert contained ten distinct events which fit perfectly on the diagram of the Tree of Life. There is a clear path set out from the mass evacuation of Egypt to the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai which can give a much deeper appreciation of the narrative.

Kabbalah and Astrology

An understanding of Kabbalah allows much deeper insights into the birth chart when the planets are set out against the diagram of the Tree of Life.

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