Kabbalah for the Modern World


Kabbalah and Business

Whether you have long been of the view that there is more to business than just making money or are just wondering what business is really about then this is the article to read. Using the example of a manufacturing company the various aspects of the business are set on the Tree of Life helping us to understand how a business works and how to keep it in balance.

A Dinner Party

Learning the theory of Kabbalah can be achieved in six months but putting it into practice is a lifetime's work. Using these universal principles we can make become conscious of the creative process in everything we do in day to day lives - the planning and execution of a dinner party is just one example.

Selling A Business

The construction of a better world has to be tackled in all environments - from the Board Room to the Bedroom! This article describes how, by following Kabbalistic principles and allowing the various stages of creation to unfold, a financial services business was sold in an environment which was difficult from both personal and commercial points of view.


A Medical Career

The progress of a doctor from student to master (or mistress) can be seen as an ascent of the Tree of Life with its various stages identified by the Sefirot and triads of the diagram. Using this as a roadmap over a forty year career period can help gain a perspective of the stage the doctor has reached. The principles can be readily adapted for other careers.

Kabbalah and Manchester United

Everything in the universe - including football clubs - are a reflection of the Divine. Viewed from this perspective, watching United v. Barca takes on an entirely different dimension!