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There are two main section on this site

The section on Kabbalah develops the work of Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi describing how Kabbalah underpins many aspects of Jewish practice and thought as well as how it can be applied to everyday life.

There is also a page which describes the

 Basic Principles of Kabbalah  


The section on Astrology  (which is one aspect of Kabbalah) contains material on a number of aspects of the subject that I hope will appeal to beginner and veteran alike. 

For more details about the available material please click on the following links:

Constructing Kabbalistic Diagrams

Kabbalah for the Modern World

​Kabbalah and Judaism

Astrology - Educational

Astrology -  Thought

Astrology - Event Charts

 Astrological readings  and  books  are also available.



“The aim of Kabbalistic Work is to act as the conscious agent of transformation between the upper and lower worlds.......so that the natural world may experience Paradise, Heaven and the presence of God on Earth.”


p. 36 The Work of the Kabbalist by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, 1984

“In the first place, consider and admire thy Creator, and be thankful unto Him, be thou humble...the more thy knowledge is enlarged, the more do thou magnify the power and wisdom of Almighty God.”

From the Introduction to Christian Astrology by William Lilly, 1647.

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