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Kabbalah - Ancient and Modern

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This web site describes the way in which Kabbalah underpins aspects of Jewish practice and thought as well as how it can be applied to everyday life.

There are also instructions for making Diagrams of the The Tree of Life, Jacob's Ladder and the Menorah.

Please scroll down for a selection of articles on Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah and Judaism
Kabbalah and Modern World
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Click here to  about the basic principles of Kabbalah 

Astrology and the Sefer Yetzirah - Online Group 7 July 2024
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Drawing the Tree of Life - 25/26 August, 2024 - London
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“The aim of Kabbalistic Work is to act as the conscious agent of transformation between the upper and lower that the natural world may experience Paradise, Heaven and the presence of God on Earth.”

 p. 36 The Work of the Kabbalist by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, 1984

“In the first place, consider and admire thy Creator, and be thankful unto Him, be thou humble...the more thy knowledge is enlarged, the more do thou magnify the power and wisdom of Almighty God.”

From the Introduction to Christian Astrology by William Lilly, 1647.

King Charles III (as the Prince of Wales) spoke about the principles of Kabbalah at a conference in Canada in 2006. Click here to hear the whole speech. References to the work of Warren Kenton (Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi) are at the seven minute mark.

Kabbalah for the Modern World

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Finding a reliable Kabbalah teacher is an exercise in patience and discrimination - especially when so many are accessible via the internet. Issy Benjamin, a much loved member of the Toledano School, describes how he met Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi in London in 1983 - a long journey from a conventional Jewish upbringing in South Africa and a spell of living in Girona in Spain.

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From chimneys to nannies and from bankers to pavement artists - all the features of the Tree of Life are present in the film of Mary Poppins which retains its popularity nearly 60 years after it was first released. Are these correspondences what makes it so successful or is there a deeper - and more important - glue which holds it all together?

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For many individuals in the UK (and beyond) the 2016 referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union was one which engendered fierce debate and left lasting wounds. At another level, the referendum offered an opportunity to observe the dynamics of the Tree of Life in action as the various stages in the process manifested from inception to completion.

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This article is an adaptation of the final chapter of It Was Never About The Money showing how every aspect of our financial lives can be set upon the diagram of the Tree of Life. Recommended for reading whether you are already interested in how money works "beyond the bottom line" or have thought that money and spirituality were mutually exclusive.

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Whether you have long been of the view that there is more to business than just making money or are just wondering what business is really about then this is the article to read. Using the example of a manufacturing company the various aspects of the business are set on the Tree of Life helping us to understand how a business works and how to keep it in balance.

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Learning the theory of Kabbalah as shown in the diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacob's Ladder can be achieved in six months but putting theory into practice is a lifetime's work. Using these universal principles we can make become conscious of the creative process in everything we do in our day to day lives - the planning and execution of a dinner party is just one example.

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The construction of a better world has to be tackled in all environments - from the Board Room to the Bedroom! This article describes how, by following Kabbalistic principles and allowing the various stages of creation to unfold, a financial services business was sold in an environment which was difficult from both personal and commercial points of view..


The progress of a doctor from student to master (or mistress) can be seen as an ascent of the Tree of Life with its various stages identified by the Sefirot and triads of the diagram. Using this as a roadmap can help gain a perspective of the stage the doctor has reached. The principles can be readily adapted for other careers.

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Everything in the universe - including football clubs - are a reflection of the Divine. Viewed from this perspective, watching United v. Barca takes on an entirely different dimension!

Kabbalah and Judaism

Judaism, like other major religions, can be viewed as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. All its aspects fit clearly on the diagram of the Tree of Life and help us to see how religious practice can become a path to unity with all religions. Click here to read the article.

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The Amidah - or Standing Prayer - is recited three times every day in Judaism. The text of the first paragraph is arranged in such a way that the person saying the prayer is given a tour of the four worlds of Jacob's Ladder. When this is understood then the prayer may be read, spoken or chanted with increased devotion


The willingness of Abraham to obey the voice of God and sacrifice his son, Isaac, has evoked many emotions through the ages including awe, outrage and disbelief. What sort of a man was Abraham to do this? Did Isaac consent and was Isaac, rather than the ram which appeared as a substitute, actually sacrificed? When viewed from a Kabbalistic perspective, these questions are answered and the story makes sense.

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The variety of experience offered by the feasts, fasts, and festivals of the Jewish Year can be seen as a comprehensive reflection of the Tree of Life.  Each occasion offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding of one particular Sefirah of the Tree or aspect of the Divine whether it is a single day in the year or every single day.


The Seder Service, celebrated as part of the Jewish tradition all over the world, is held at the start of the festival of Passover in March or April. The objects used in the ritual and the construction of the service itself give it a much deeper significance than is generally realised and allows participants to (re)connect with each part of themselves.

The first paragraph of the She'ma - recited morning and evening - consists of six verses from the book of Deuteronomy. Within these six verses the whole universe is evoked, allowing the person reciting it to align themselves more closely with the Creator. 

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During the seven weeks between leaving Egypt and arriving at Mount Sinai the Children of Israel experienced tend distinct event which fit perfectly on the diagram of the Tree of Life. Understanding these correspondences can give a much deeper appreciation of the narrative contained in the book of Exodus.

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An understanding of Kabbalah allows much deeper insights into the birth chart when the planets are set out against the diagram of the Tree of Life and placed in the context of the four worlds.

This enables an insight into the correspondences between the planets and the Sefirot (aspects of God).


Judaism embodies a long and respectable tradition of astrology. It is hinted at in the Bible and  discussed specifically by the Rabbis in the Talmud while mosaics discovered on the floors of archaeological remains in Israel demonstrate that astrology was very much a part of the fabric of civilisation at least 2,000 years ago.

Making Kabbalistic Diagrams

The process of building your own diagram which embodies the principles of Kabbalah is a practical approach to Kabbalah in itself.

Many insights may be gained through the construction process and the finished article will provide an invaluable object of contemplation when hung on the wall.

Step by step instructions are provided for full size diagrams but smaller versions can also be created - the care which is needed in those can make them much harder than you might think!

Click on the image of the model you want to create for the full instructions.

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Click here for details of the next workshop in which you can make your own diagram as part of a group.

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