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Astrological Thought

The Need for Traditional Astrology

After its heyday in the seventeenth century astrology was largely discredited for around two hundred years. Many of the older techniques had either been lost or were discarded as astrology took on a more psychological perspective once it resurfaced at the beginning of the twentieth century. Not until 1980 did Traditional Astrology begin to revive - under the guidance of Olivia Barclay. Her forthright lecture in 1996 sets out very clearly the importance of adhering to sound astrological practice built up over centuries. 

The Jewish Tradition of Astrology

Judaism embodies a long and respectable tradition of astrology. It is hinted at in the Bible and  discussed specifically by the Rabbis in the Talmud while mosaics discovered on the floors of archaeological remains in Israel demonstrate that astrology was very much a part of the fabric of civilisation at least 2,000 years ago.

Astrology and Kabbalah

This subject is mentioned briefly in the preceding article but developed here in more detail. The world of astrology is placed in the context of the four worlds and the correspondences examined between the planets and the Sefirot (aspects of God).

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