Learning Astrology

A (Very) Brief Guide To Astrology


If you are new to astrology or need a refresher then this guide should help. (Hopefully) straightforward language which explains the role of the planets, the signs of the zodiac and how it all fits together.

The Basic Techniques Of Prediction

There are many methods which can be used to forecast the possible future scenarios we encounter in our lives. This brief article deals with three of the most frequently used - transits, secondary progressions and the directed solar arc​.

The Beautiful People

What are the astrological factors that are required for great beauty or charm. Here are some examples of people who have (or had) great charm in their chart - some used it wisely, some not so much.

Rectifying the Birth Chart

So you want to read a birth chart but have no idea of the time of birth - what to do? The process of rectifying a birth chart is an astrological jigsaw puzzle - by taking the most important events in a person's life and comparing them with the transits and progression (see article above on The Basic Techniques of Prediction) as well as a few other astrological tools it is often possible to come up with a sound solution. This article is a worked example of the technique using the life of William S. Gilbert - one half of Gilbert and Sullivan who wrote many successful light operas in the 19th century.

Which Drink For Your Sun Sign?

A little light relief with a sideways look at the degree to which a person's sun sign might indicate their favourite tipple.

Astrological Ideas

The Jewish Tradition of Astrology

Judaism embodies a long and respectable tradition of astrology. It is hinted at in the Bible and  discussed specifically by the Rabbis in the Talmud while mosaics discovered on the floors of archaeological remains in Israel demonstrate that astrology was very much a part of the fabric of civilisation at least 2,000 years ago.

Astrology and Kabbalah

This subject is mentioned briefly in the preceding article but developed here in more detail. The world of astrology is placed in the context of the four worlds and the correspondences examined between the planets and the Sefirot (aspects of God).

The Astrology of Events

The Moorgate Crash

One of the most well known train crashes in the UK occurred in 1975 when a train drove straight into a wall at the end of Moorgate station resulting in the deaths of 43 people. Much of the subsequent discussion has focused on whether or not the driver was guilty of a deliberate suicide and mass murder which this article examines in depth. It was originally published in 2015 with predictions for the future of Transport for London and is update here with the actual events of 2015-2020.

Who Shot JFK?

Anyone who was alive in November 1963 will probably know exactly where they were when they heard the news that Presdient John F Kennedy had been assassinated. But who did it? Lee Harvey Oswald on his own or as part of a conspiracy? Or somebody else entirely? This article looks at the chart for the moment the shots were fired in order to find a possible answer.

Uranus and the Early Balloon Flights

The discovery of the planet Uranus in 1781 was sandwiched between the American and French Revolutions. It was also a time when there was a great rush to fly in hot air balloons. This article identifies the time when some of the most important flights were launched and the degree to which Uranus was dominant in the charts for the moments of those launches.

Uranus and the Early Space Flights

In a strange echo of the early balloon flights in the 18th century Uranus also makes its presence felt in the first flights of the 20th. century - from the first aeroplane in 1903 to the launch of Apollo 11 which landed on the Moon in 1969.



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